15 stycznia 2015

Time to say hello to my english speaking readers!

 Hi :) Not so long ago I noticed there are many guests of my blog (called Boudoir of Porcelain) who do not speak polish, so that`s why I decided to put some summaries under the posts or full translations for you. I am not very good at english as I had not use it for six years and forgot most of what I`ve learnt. But nevertheless I will do my best at translations.

In general, my blog is about the past life and everyday life history, which I try on my own. I am searching for the 19th century taste by historical cooking; for 19th century appearance by making my own period accurate cosmetics, doing historical makeup with them and sewing historical costumes; for 19th century places by visiting them and for 19th century ways of living by writing some theory posts after a research and then taking part in historical events. So it is all about trying to bring the past life back or rather travel in time as close to reality it is possible for me now. 

My favourite period is 1780s-1880s but I like especially 1795-1810s for its classical, elegant line, lightness and impression of youthfulness and 1840s-70s for Jane Eyre, Gasskell`s North & South and as for clothes - wide skirts, exposed arms, rich berthas... There`s everything I love ^^

I hope my summaries will be helpful for you to feel at home :) If there are some older posts you would like to read in english, let me know. I will try to translate them as fast as possible.
My email: fragileporcelain@gmail.com

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4 komentarze:

  1. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your blog! I love your blog and you make such beautiful costumes! I have been translating your blog but I really appreciate you writing because google isn't always great. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. It is so nice to hear from you :) Thank you for your kind words. I know google translate is a mess and I hope, my translations will be better than that :P

  3. No proszę, czas na międzynarodową integrację czytelniczą. I dobrze, należy poszerzać horyzonty, dbając o każdego z czytelników :)

    1. Ha ha, nie no, po prostu nie chcę, żeby czuli się jakoś wyobcowani przez ten brak tłumaczenia :P