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Trust in your dreams and make them come true / Astorga 1808

fot. Antonio Martinez Fuertes
Sometimes the best you can do is to believe your dreams and follow your intuition, even if it seems a total nonsense. What doesn`t make any sense for others, can make it for you. 
And so it is what is all Astorga 1808 story about. The sudden plot twist that made miserable, modern life cinderella an empire countess; with good friends support, help from the other people and little luck.

Now, when I write this post, sitting on my bed, wrapped in blanket, I still can`t believe I actually was there, and it is me on the pictures. Daydream mixes with reality and I don`t even know where to start the story. So maybe the best start will be at the beginning, many, many months ago, when I received an invitation to an event and was not certain if I could go, as Spain is so far away, the flights are expensive and I have never been to that country yet... But I kept the invitation in my mind and as the time passed I was more and more certain I can go with a group of soldiers, as usual.

We prepared everything, I have been sewing a new dress for a month (what you could see on my instagram and even help me decide about the cut of my spencer) and two days before our departure part of the group I was to travel with said we can`t attend the whole event. I had to break through my shyness and contact organizers, I was even having a phone call to Spain, what I can`t believe I was brave enough to do. Until the midnight everything was done and I could happily report I managed to achieve everything they wanted to participate. The same night, while I was sewing decorations on my dress, I received the phone call they cancel participation of the whole group for some unclear reason.

It was not only because of the event and all the long preparations - it was also because of my modern life misery (which I was accused lately I do not share widely on the internet. But why should I? Let`s say I can write about it here now, as it is necessary for the story). Let`s confess: I lost my modern work twice this year. After the first time I did not give up and tried to do my best but because of bad circumstances that didn`t depend on me I lost it second time. As I am modern life cinderella, I don`t rely on anyone but live on my own, from the money I earn. So by loosig work, I also lost the only source of my income. Astorga was a long planned holidays to relieve myself from the nightmare following me, chasing me day and night like a shadow for past few months, comsuming my life energy, forcing me to cancel most of my plans and cut on most of my usual, basic expenses, making me nervous, depressed, losing belief I can influence anything in my modern life. Astorga was a planned refuge. 

It appeared that, despite my miserable, yet brave efforts, I will not go anywhere. I will stay in the nightmare for the long, grey and cold upcomming months. I can`t remember much of what was happening the next 24 hours, only that it got even worse with the very last days of my modern work and I fell terribly ill. I recall my own forehead on the working desk and tears falling down on the bunch of unsigned papers. I recall myself shivering in bed in high fever, trying one by one multiple pills none of which worked. I recall one unread message in my phone. I recall myself booking nonsense flights what meant wasting my last money on a travel I will not be able to arrange in that short time and that high fever. I recall myself getting dressed and leaving my flat behind as it was.

The plan was short and not simple to follow. At first bus to Katowice, then one to Cracov, to the airport. The flight to Munich. The flight to Bilbao. The bus to Burgos. Begging Burgos cathedral stuff to let me inside for the night because I am f_cking Disney princess Esmeralda. The bus to Astorga and then, after 27 hours of travelling ill I was planned to put my foot in the french camp. While not having any tent to sleep and any of my camp stuff because it was all too heavy or too strangely dubious for the airport.

In the very beginning I lost my first bus that did not arrive at all. Then I had to run to catch the second bus in few last seconds. But then it was nice to Burgos. Over the earth, flying in the skies I got some well deserved peace and sleep which allowed me to cure and lower down fever. Then in Burgos it appeared, there is one bed in low price hotel so I don`t need to be that religious and pray all night in cathedral ;)
I had to march or rather run 5 km at 3 am with my heavy bag to the railway station. I marched through the sleeping city and through the wet, gravelly field, completely dark and abandoned under high electricity cables and when I reached the station, I realised my mistake - as the transport was actually from the centre... So all for waste and just at the end of travel! Fortunately the only man present at the station that early in the morning helped me and ordered me a spanish taxi back to the centre. Few hours later I was finally in Astorga and after few biscuits and water what was my breakfast I just entered the hall that was sleeping place for soldiers who were not in the camp.

I didn`t know where to go, whom to ask and if I am already allowed to stay there. So, knowing all the problems and dilemmas I decided to finish my hat first. Then, slowly got dressed and left in the town direction. Good luck with me! As I met there my Spanish friend Marta and newly made friend Lourdes. Few vine drinks later we found each other in the allied camp, being very kindly welcome and served with hot stew. Thanks to Marta and organizers who were there, I was allowed to stay in my 'secret tower' in soldiers place. Happy I am not homeless anymore, I enjoyed a time with my friends.

Soon, when the night come, there was official arrival of the Emperor planned. So there was still plenty of time ahead! I strolled the streets and accidentally met my amazing friends from Malta! We spent great time together laughing, talking and enjoying the beautiful evening and early night.

As the night fell, everyone gathered in the French camp. I was there too - to follow soldiers to the one of the squares. There I stood in the crowd, right behind the back of the unit when he came - in the carriage enlighten by a glorious glare of his generals uniforms - to take a look upon his soldiers. I can`t exactly say what happened after although I saw it closely: he kissed the flag, I hold my breath, one of the Polish soldiers fell down on knees bringing memory of The Great Duchy of Warsaw, I had the feeling as if blood stopped in my veins for a moment. He noticed soldier and then moved forward followed by loud "Vive l`Empereur" cries. Indeed, he was here - Napoleon.


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