17 grudnia 2017

Once upon a time is now / Austerlitz 2017

Once upon a time, in 1805 thousands of people arrived to Austerlitz to change the history of this place - and the rest of Europe as well. Miss Marta came to Moravia with soldiers, too. To search for good luck and support friends with a basket full of treats.

As she arrived, she was still sewing warm chemisette and pelisse of thick velvet in bordeaux vine colour... or the blood - the one that soon was to soak into Pratzen plateau ground. She had to be very quick as the same day, in the evening there was a ball in the Slavkov Castle. There were many guests invited to the beautiful, golden ballroom lit by crystal chandeliers - to dance as if tomorrow would not exist.

fot. Body Attila
As I came into the castle, there was still a lot time to talk and greet with friends. I was wearing my velvet gown with new decorations, silk cherusque, faux ruby pendant and a long string of pearls and tiara in my hair. I was telling some fancy stories of which one - about soldier living a double life - made quick career. We were all waiting for the ball, and I was also waiting for someone who promised me the dance. The ballroom door opened and guests started to be announced and invited inside. I was close to the door as I received an information he won`t come. "Do as you wish" I thought, while entering a gold flash doorway with my name announced.

There were so many sparkling, pretty gold braids, embroidery, tiaras and other shiny trinkets on the guests outfits and I had a lot of time to admire them, or so I thought, as the first dance started already and I did not have a pair. Suddenly, a french cuirassier stood before me, with a strong decision to save me. As we danced, he confessed, he is not only fond of a wild charge during the battle but also new and as much dangerous dances - waltz. And he was really good at waltzing! Glass chandeliers, white columns, guests in silks, gold candlelight flashes - all of this swirling around me, or rather - me swirling so fast leaning on the cuirassier`s arms.

fot. O. Šváb

Suddenly, in the middle of the ball the door opened once again, letting into the ballroom much of a new golden embroidery glory that accompanied generals - my friends and beneath them the one who promised me the dance. What a plot twist! Now I had even too many gentlemen to dance with and so I regreted a bit that dance list didn`t contain dances for one lady and few gentlemen (there are such, believe me ;) )

fot. Andrea Puleo
The ball was not even to finish when I felt that it is not only the tiara embracing my temples but also, less beautiful migraine. Maybe because of heavy coiffure, or waltzing too fast; maybe because of the cold December night or the fact I barely ate anything for past few days spent on sewing (as there are no fairy godmothers in the real life), I had to lay down. My friends had to have dinner so we went to castle`s underground to eat midnight dinner. Half-hearted, I was moving my fork in the fancy dish thinking of crowns of thorns while one of the soldiers turned out to be my savior as he got a cure for me.
It worked and after not even 2 hours of sleep I was back to the world of living - to finish my hat for tomorrow.

The morning was full of the snow and frost as we were to march to Santon for the battle. I have no idea, why and how this happened but this time I was not with the whole division but just few soldiers. In such a small group we went to Tvarożna and the way was completely different than usual. I still was not feeling well so I decided to stay in the village and join soldiers later. So I did. As I felt better I approached the hill to go up an see exercising soldiers from Santon. Unfortunately, it was fenced but going back I went right in front of the Emperor with his generals. They greeted, I took a bow.

fot. T. Tutchek via flickr
There was still a lot of time to the battle so we could spent it in the village, where was the camp and hot vine. I discovered, there were few of our friends, sleeping in canvas on the snow - and there, by the fireplace, I spent the rest of the time.
The snow was all gone before the battle, replaced with sticky mud and straw which coated pelisse hems and boots. Brave soldiers marched out for a battle. Canoneers were pushing canons sinking in mud. The horses were dancing. But the battle was about to last - the same as 212 years ago. "Someone calls your name" - and yes, really one of cuirassiers was calling my name, while the whole unit was moving away to battle. Was it the one, I danced with at the ball?

The sun set fast and frost came with the evening. We came to the village to warm ourselves a little - and it took a lot of time to unfreeze. As I went out, I realised, there are not many of our friends and soon there may be troubles with getting back to our quarter. I run to the camp to look for my friends there and I found few soldiers, offering help with transport.

Few moments later I found myself in unusual place and one of my favourites - the Old Post. Last year, there were polish lancers there but now there was no one from my polish friends there. I was standing before the entrance, hesistating. Someone who reminded about me from the last year waved at me and I took it as a good sign. Self-conscious, I entered. There were many people inside - and some were going upstairs. So did I.

By the table inside there were all generals there, and Napoleon himself. They invited me to accompany and have dinner. General didn`t even mind my corset excuse, sharing his dinner with me. I can`t even remember how many hours I spent talking with them, how many cups of tea I had, sitting in front of the Emperor. All I remember was his powerful stare and intense colour of his eyes. "Do you know what makes eagle an unique creature?" We had no idea. "It is the only creature that can look straight into the sun".
From time to time Emperor disappeared to be back with gifts he got. It was one of the moments like this when I left, not having left a mud slipper as they were both really tight laced.

fot. T. Tutchek via flickr

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